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Flu symptoms are the conditions you will be in when the flu virus attacks your body. Sometimes the symptoms are the same of the common cold but you will know the illness is no longer a common cold because aside from having runny nose, your body will feel weak, you will also experience headache, muscle and body pain. There will be difficulty in breathing in some extreme cases and for children, diarrhea will happen. It is important to consult a doctor if any of these symptoms occur so proper health care, especially medication will be administered.

Flu SymptomsThe symptoms will vary from one person to another. The sad thing, many people are taking these symptoms for granted until it’s too late. We need to understand each symptom and we need to address each properly to avoid unwanted and unnecessary complications.

  • Fever and Chills – Having fever is not an illness but rather a symptom that there is something wrong inside your body. If you have the flu, the fever can be off and on for the first three days. Chills are the result of high fever.
  • Exhaustion- Flu will make you feel weak and extremely tired that even the simple walking will make you feel exhausted. Postpone your daily activities, don’t overwork.
  • Muscle and Body Pain- You are probably having flu if you’re feeling “achy”. The pain is unbearable and even little movements will cause discomfort.
  • Congestion- This is common for colds but when accompanied with other symptoms such as any mentioned in this article, yours is no longer cold but the flu.
  • Coughing- For Flu, this is usually a dry cough. However, there are conditions when coughing can become productive (producing mucous or phlegm). When productive cough develops, contact your doctor immediately for proper medication.

These symptoms are observed in adults but other symptom such as diarrhea can also occur for child patients.

How to Determine a Fever?

To check if one has a fever, you need to use an accurate thermometer. There are different types of thermometer but the most common is the oral (digital or manual) and the axillary (digital or manual). For adults, it is considered a fever if the temperature is above 100 F. For children over three months, 101 degrees F needs the pediatrician’s attention. Fever is a common symptom of the flu but having fever can also be a symptom for other types of illness and diseases.

Flu Prevention

Staying healthy is not enough to fight the flu virus. Although the human body has natural anti-bodies, these may decrease over time. When this happens, our best shot is to reinforce our body with flu vaccines as this will help boost our immune system.


Flu Vaccines – When, Where and How?

There are different manufacturers of vaccines and prices may vary based on several factors. Some manufacturers are offering discounts for bulk orders and this is usually for employers and school orders. Hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities are administering flu vaccines also at a very minimal cost. Ideally, a person needs to get a shot once every year, the best time from September to early November or before the outbreaks occur. You can do this anytime of the year even before the Flu season starts but since the demand for these vaccines increases during this period, it is recommended to make the purchase before the flu season for the updated version. Flu virus tends to develop into something new every year and that is also the reason why shots are recommended yearly. The vaccine last year may not contain the right medication since viruses are evolving constantly.

Flu Trend for 2012-2013

The flu trend this year crossing 2013 is the same as the previous year. There are no updates made recently on the new type of flu virus except for the 3 most common which are:

  • H1N1 – the strain which caused the swine flu in 2009
  • H3N2 – the strain that can infect birds and mammal and has been active since 2011
  • Influenza B – the strain that has become active in 2010

If you want to know the latest on Flu virus, you can check the medical bulletin posted on the internet as the viruses which are most likely to attack are being determined early. On that note, the World Health Organization (WHO) is also recommended vaccines yearly to match the virus as closely as possible.


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